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Some months in

rain 7 °C

We have been in Canada for 3 months- The health care cards arrive last week.... It has been quite an adventure & we still have 9 months to go.
Ok here I am trying to up load photos .. So when our big trip (out the maritimes)within a trip I will be able to keep you up to date. IMGP1449.jpg

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The first week.

sunny -20 °C

Yes it is cold, but not overwhelming. Our exchange partnership, left a bountiful supply of hats, scarves, gloves, winter boots and even ice skates. This has allowed up to venture outside, survive & thrive. Go to Canana ,they said, "It will be fun".

We have had some lovely meals prepared for us-great chilli, a Raclette and the biggest turkey Connor has ever seen.....
Our second night we went tobogganing on the "hill' on at the end of our street. It was a great way to embrace the cold & have fun.
We have been helped with some of our transportation, with a local CLEE (Canadian exchange league) angel stepping in,to drive is to find a car. We did , but still organising the licencing of the drivers, insurances & payment details. Mere details they are.... We hope to pick Poor Tony was on the phone to the Australian bank that has our stash of Canadian $$ for over an hour last night (they were ask to ring us back) to facilitate a transfer into our brand new Canadian account....... We are not convinced it is OK as we were ask for an exchange rate- Canadian to Canadian should be 1 to 1. We will wait with bated breath...
There is a skate rink adjacent to the school-in summer it becomes the schools oval. The school is within walking distance and even the crossing guy know who we were as we approach ( must be the way I walk, talk.....)
Connor went skating today as part of sport. He is really enjoying the wintersport stuff. He has joined the ski club as well.

Bridget is not as comfortable, but likes the idea that she can be a koala in a French play. She also has done a bit of skating.

Bek has yet to start school & has been a great help & support. We had a lovely treat today ,with Linda as guide. After obtaining my Ontario licence ,we had a great tour ( very little traffic- we blamed the -20 c) , a skate on the canal & a beaver tail.... Great fun.

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Getting Used to the USA

sunny 5 °C

Anthea's cunning plans are so far falling into place. Made it to LA - 3 hours to Nadi with a 3 hour stop over. The 120kph tail wind took some time of the final leg into LA. We were very glad of the shuttle bus hire that took us from LAX to our hotel walking distance from Disney Land.
Had an exhausting but delightful day at Disney Land after an 11 hour sleep then got involved in driving on the RHS the next morning. Drove to Vegas to pick up the RV. The driver (Tony) had a few issues with slip roads and the navigator (Anthea) had a few issues with the driver! Finally found our way past "The Strip" to the RV hire centre. By the time we'd signed our lives away, watched the "How to use an RV" video then had the "How to use an RV" demo, had only to return the hire car we'd driven to Vegas in (to the airport) and stock up on supplies (at Walmart). We decided to "divide and conquer" - Tony and Bek took the hire car back while Anth and the smaller two went to Wally World. On the way to the airport, our couriers realised they had no paperwork to tell them the name of the hire car company! Managed to correctly guess the right company then caught a cab back to Walmart. Didn't seem fair to make Anth drive the RV to the airport!

Our drive out of Vegas was much more relaxed - and the pictures tell the story!!!

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pausing for christmas

rain 25 °C

At Coolongolook for Christmas.

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